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general shop policy

    1. Clients of 303 Computers Corporation are referred to as Clients, not customers
    2. Client's computers NEVER go on the floor
    3. Office Hours 9a-6p M-F
    4. Everyone MUST clock in when on shift
    5. Phone MUST be answered as soon as it starts ringing (after caller-ID burst)
    6. Active bench tech is last in phone answering order
    7. Paydays
      a. 5th and the 20th
      b. or the first weekday thereafter
      c. pay period is the 1st thru 15th, and 16th thru end of month
    8. Lunch and breaks can be taken at appropriate intervals, with two exceptions
      a. everyone can't break at once
      b. be courteous to other employees needs
    9. All employees must sign and provide with first week of employment:
      a. completed W-4 form
      b. confidentiality agreement
      c. non disclosure form
      d. provide two forms of ID
      e. completed Government I-9 form
    10. Procedures and manuals must be read and understood by eveyrone, regardless of job title
      (if you have a suggestion, tell Chance)

    11. Be specific when entering Client information
      a. input full street names, not abbreviations
      b. capitalize Cities & Street Names
      c. acquire referral information with every new Client
    12. Spouses and Friends can not be in the way
    13. At the end of day, all tools are put away, and all notes of occurrence are entered